Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The hills are alive

If you liked Fraulein Maria, you should have seen us! Salzburg was worth the trip. We arrived at our campground, Nord Sam. A pool.... Some of us were excited about that. We found a spot and plugged in pulled out the awning and practically got killed seconds later in the storm of the century. We weren't done with the awning when it started to collapse on us due to the sudden downpour...then there was the hail

-the rain stopped long enough for Jim to continue his quest for beer a short walk away. Caroline joined him.

...but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing

Caught the bus into town the next day. Walking around I was approached by a homeless man. No dice,man...then he walked over to Maggie to try and squeeze blood from that turnip. I grabbed her and pulled her toward me. The man sneered revealing a lonely tooth, and hit me in the arm before walking off. We didn't get a picture. It was a hit and run.

It wasn't raining at this point so we walked the streets, passing Mozart's house. Then while we were eating pizza, the clouds let loose. We were running around town in our plastic bag emergency parkas. This was rather UN fashionable so Caroline just wore rain.

We caught the funicular to Hohen Salzburg fortress...

There is some cool history there... It is hanging off the mountain. Before we were done it looked like we were hiding in the same tombs that the Von Trapps hid in (from the German Nazis)

We cut it a little short because of the monsoon and grabbed a taxi back to the campground. We were seriously wet and cold... And sadly Mary still couldn't swim. I think this is when she decided she would like to go home... A mere three and a half weeks early.

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Location:Salzburg, Austria

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