Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tunnels, and gypsies, no campground... OH MY!


Land of a thousand tunnels.

We made a quick stop in Venice en route to Rome. It is as glorious as you would imagine. There are beautiful views around every corner.

I wonder if Venice was built this way so that people who are scared to drive in Italy have a place to live. The orderliness German traffic gave way to an emotional every man for himself sort of feel in Italy. Personally, I'm glad I'm not driving. Jim's better at being a jerk on the road than I am. Which is good. If I was behind the wheel, we would still be at the RV rental place back in Munich.

This picture of Maggie features people with money to burn taking a gondola ride. We would have liked to do this, but after our "quick snack" on the porch of this quaint restaurant, we were fresh out of cash. ( How can a snack cost so much!?)

...but it was fun eating anyway

On the bridge into the city, we were all smiles ( not so much on the way out)

Jim and I thought we should get a picture of just the two of us...

After that magical snack moment, we started touring the streets...In my heightened state of alert (frequently referred to as paranoia) I noticed a man in a tan shirt that seemed to be everywhere we went. After a few minutes it became painfully obvious that we were being targeted by gypsies. (I wonder why they would pick us) Suddenly I was seeing gypsies everywhere. MY gosh... Everyone in the city was trying to rip us off! I wanted to go... But Caroline wanted to try on clothes...and Jim didn't want to spend another dime...

After flinging a few personal remarks around, a bunch of McElwain grumps returned to the RV and hit the road.

We thought we would camp somewhere near Ferarra but the GPS wanted to take us elsewhere. We decided to move on and ended up pulling off at a service station and sleeping in the RV sans campground... Somewhere around Barbarino. snuck out around 6:30 am. Heading for Rome!

Location:Venice, Italy

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  1. Loved reading about your experience in Venice (minus the gypsy part) and, as always, thoroughly enjoyed the pictures. When we were there, we took the "bus", a boat which travels on the canals. For about 85 cents, we had our canal boat ride. Thanks for reminding me of this!