Friday, July 1, 2011

Best laid plans...gone awry

We stayed at Village Flaminio in Rome. A pool! Finally Mary could swim. while we set up the site. Caroline took Mary and Jimmy to the pool. Caroline jumped in and was immediately reprimanded for her lack of headgear. We needed swim caps. Well, when in Rome...

We took the bus on a "dry run" to the Vatican. About thirty minutes later we were meandering around the frying pan that is St. Peter's Square.

We asked a few questions and decided to come back the following day, Sunday, for noon mass. panini from one of the street vendors nearby would tide us over until we got back... Or at least that's what we thought.

....The next part of the story is called "a series of unfortunate events...caused by a number of poor choices"

One wrong bus - to one wrong terminal to - one extra ride to - one right terminal to - one right bus to - one missed stop to - one wrong bus to - one harrowing walk along one major thoroughfare to- more than one personal -

Six sick McElwains with not one sidewalk...this is where the dry run was about to become the dry heaves.


It would be wise for heathens and nonbelievers to stop reading here for fear that your eyeballs might roll out of their sockets.

After an exceedingly long walk one way and then turning back to our starting point and saying "we need help" several times, (after about a half hour of bickering and walking) I prayed for help in any form...but especially the "taxi" form. Less than a minute later, in a most unlikely spot, an empty cab pulled up. we all piled into the tiny car and got back to the campground... Three hours later than planned.

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  1. Drakes. Prague. Three hours to find apartment we'd reserved. Three minutes to give kids lecture re not making fun of people on organized tours; they see lots more every day than we manage to.