Friday, July 22, 2011

The End of Camping

Due to a glitch having something to do with Murphy's Law (and propane tanks in our camper) we were denied entrance to the channel tunnel on our way back to Calais... It was another incident of the McElwains throwing money away.  Even though we never even viewed the entrance we had already paid the toll... around a $160.00.

We took the Ferry across again

We drove East to Belgium planning to get a site near Brussels, but by the time we made it to the campground they were full...and the office of the next campground was closed.  We stayed at a service area.

Near Luxembourg the next morning

we decided to pull off and have breakfast.

We pulled up to a nice looking restaurant and Jim went in to make sure they were serving breakfast before we all got out.  He walked in to see several men sitting around the bar drinking beer... Did I mention that this was breakfast?

We decided to eat at a small place a little up the way.

Our next campsite, in Augsburg, was full of fun things for the kids (and ,yes, Caroline was still enjoying the fact that she was of "drinking age" in all of Europe)

and Jim

And we decided to document the beard experiment before it ended in the bathroom sink.

Seriously???  Was that a good idea?

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