Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mind The Gap

The next day in London found us on and off of the subway all around town.

And our first ride on a London Double Decker (Maggie said we HAD to do that in London

 We walked up Regents St to Oxford where Maggie found a few shops she had been hoping to see.  Jimmy and Mary sat along the wall and read (Harry Potter) while the girls shopped at Top Shop.

In Primark, they weren't allowed to sit.  I got in line, Jim got in trouble for letting the kids sit down and the girls shopped.  Unbelievable prices... Unbelievable lines... And in the end it worked out well with Caroline and Maggie tossing me several items over the crowd as I was called to the register.

Then it was time to do a few things that we sightseeing old fogies wanted to do.  Parliament...

Big Ben...

Westminster Abbey...

and London Eye.

It is important to note at this point that we had been on this adventure for three weeks, and while we were having fun,  we were also wiped out, thin skinned and walking on bloody stumps.

WEstminster Abbey was closed when we got there so a few of us who had wanted to see it (and one who didn't... an was ready to strangle me for taking her) went back for Evensong mass... This was nice...but they sure didn't allow much peeking around. We went ahead and viewed the coronation chair on our way out  (no poet's corner, though, or anything else for that matter)

While we sat shoulder to shoulder in the Abbey, Jim did the London Eye (gargantuan ferris wheel, each "pod" held 20 people, it was 10 stories high) with Mary and Jimmy

 (a misunderstanding here is what led to those aforementioned thoughts of strangulation).  We met again outside the Abbey.

In my mind it was still early...time for another sight seeing opportunity.

In Jim's mind it was still early...time for another pint.

Unfortunately, all the kids could think about was bloody stumps... They were tired and wanted to end the day so we hopped on the train to Abbeywood and went back to the campground.

(A quick note here about the Campground.  It was very nice, but with the early evenings we were cognizant of the fact that we had not gotten a spot with the "kidmenities" that we had enjoyed in previous cities... no pool, no ping-pong table. We were able to do laundry, but somehow the kids didn't really think that was entertainment.)

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