Friday, July 15, 2011


We were nearly trampled leaving the station to visit Versailles. Though I have participated in long lines and ridiculous crowds many times on this trip, this was the worst. In fact it was so bad that two thirds of the family abandoned ship.

Maggie and I stayed and toured Versailles while Jim and the rest returned to the RV to prep for departure to Calais and the ferry to England! After waiting in line for ticket and then waiting in a longer one that snaked back and forth across the plaza, we got in. I looked at the clock and saw it was time to leave and catch the train back to our campground so we did a kind of quick tour.

It's hard to admire yourself in the hall of mirrors with all of those people in the way.

We elbowed our way out and hurried back to the campground to find our carriage waiting at the gate.

Off to Calais ...or so we thought. The GPS tried desperately to get us to squeeze our camper through some rather small tunnels. After driving about an hour and executing a few amazing u turns, we passed Versailles again... Which was ten minutes or so from our campground. It took forever to get out of Paris, but when we finally got to Calais there was something to celebrate... Everyone was speaking English... What a treat!

The other fun thing was: the wine...

was cheaper than the water.....

So we got to enjoy some whine without the "h" for a change.

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Location:Versailles and Calais, France

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