Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paris Day Two

Started the day looking for cream for Mary's arm (spider bite?) at the Pharmacie near The Arc De Triomphe.

.....then down the Champs d' Elysees. As we strolled, Caroline called a friend that was an exchange student from the Champagne region of France. She decided she wanted to take the train to visit him so we spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out how to get her there. Turns out we had to wait until the next day. While we were at Gare de L'Est (train station) we were evacuated due to a security threat. You should see the amount of soldiers in Paris walking around in threes with AK-47's (figured they would not appreciate me snapping photos...I hate getting shot...

Then.......we trudged to Sacre Coeur atop Montmartre

Down the hill to Moulon Rouge

Had a drink at one of the zillions of gorgeous Brasseries at every corner, this one was near St Michel.

Then home to the RV, we call it home now........6 people......84 square feet

Mary brought back half the dirt in Paris on her feet..

Couple of other nice photos:

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Location:Paris, France

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