Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Last Fling

We turned in the Camper the day before our flight...

It was raining, and even though we vacuumed it the day before, and got it washed somehow it was dirty again when we turned it in.  I guess six people in the rain can cause a mess ...without even trying.  We decided that if we did it again, we wouldn't waste our time cleaning like we did, since they charged us to clean it again when we left it with them.

We decided to get a car at the last minute so that we could do something fun that last day.

The kids were enjoying traveling in the back with open windows... I'm not sure I have seen dogs this

After assessing the situation, we decided NOT to visit the Disney Castle, because it was a few hours away.  We did, however,find a nice town (Landsberg on the Lech) on the Romantic Road and spent the afternoon there.  After all the big city tourist attractions we were glad to relax in not so crowded place.

Where we found (of course) a very nice church (Our Lady of the Assumption)...It was, I think, the prettiest church we saw on the trip.

We felt right at home here when we found Schmuckland...

The schmucks, apparently, are pretty short!

...And then of course dinner with schmucks

We returned to our hotel room where Jim scored the biggest beer yet...

                                           He hasn't looked at me that way for years!

Alas!  His quest for beer was coming to an end!

Tired and ready to come home, we would be flying out in the morning.

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